About Us

Formed in 2002, SAIQA Is the brainchild of the world of Saiqa Majeed of Saiqamajeed.com
Saiqa Majeed graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion. Taking experiences from Christian Dior and the couture house Norman Hartnell, Saiqa went on to set up her own label; SAIQA MAJEED LONDON.

Following an award from the Princes Trust, she soon outgrew her small Studio in South London, and opened a boutique on the high street.
The label has become known for its glamorous and contemporary style appealing to all women of all ages.

SAIQA MAJEED is a brand which is built upon many years of solid foundations, and was one of the first labels to fuse eastern and western fashion to create a high end fashion label. So, if you have looking for an Asian themed fashion brand to form in the UK, then SAIQA MAJEED can give you access to all that you need and expect to see!

Having formed a very strong and effective academic career in the past, Saiqa has taken brand to a whole new level of depth and detail - culminating in the creation of SAIQA itself. 

It began to grow into a very sought- after label in early 2000’s and from then it has established a reputation as being a fashion brand worth being part of. Now widely recognised with stockist around the UK.

The collections consist of creative Pret to high-end formalwear and Bespoke bridal-wear.
The recent venture has been the launch of the new modest fashion line which evolved through her personal experiences.

Saiqa took on the very essence and strength of this Arab clothing element, and has helped to it to a whole new level of style, grandeur and class.

The SAIQA MAJEED modest line carries a strong identity of the three characteristics East/West/Arab to dress women of high taste.

The company launched their collection at London Modest Fashion Week early this year showcasing beautiful dresses expressing glamour and femininity, at which Saiqa Majeed won the award for Best UK Modest Fashion Designer.